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Remove the belly at home and Cytomel for sale

To remove fat deposits in the abdomen, especially in its lower part, ready to train every day. But not for long – only 10-20 minutes. First – Workout: 20-25 tilts forward 20 circular movements of the hips (the draw in the abdomen), about 50 jumps on site (imitating the work rope), cytomel.

We turn to the right lower abdomen workout. First perform the vertical scissors: lying on his back, arms at your sides, raise your legs straight up, T3. Now lower one (for example, left), and then return it to its original position and repeat the other naked. Movements are performed smoothly, without jerks and accelerations. Total of 20-25 repetitions for 4 approach.

Get up to the starting position for push-ups, pull the pelvis up. Now bend your right leg at the knee and move to the chest, then straighten the leg back-up. Repeat this exercise 20-25 times. Buy cytomel. Do the same with the other leg. Total 4 sets. Exercise is calculated as the abdominal muscles and the lumbar. Plus are utilized buttocks and thigh muscles.

Take the starting position lying on his back, legs straight, hands behind his head. Lift the body and at the same time pull the legs, bending them at the knees to the chest. Returning to the original position, do not put your feet on the floor – keep them at low altitude. Buy T3. 4 sets of 20-25 repetitions. Complete training strides feet in front of him. In total on each leg at a time you need to perform 20-25 repetitions for 4 approach (alternating legs).

If it is difficult to perform on 4 approach, start with 2-3 or even one. If it is difficult for the time to do 20 reps, limit their smaller number. Make sure to perform the movement at the expense of the abdominal muscles, not the legs, cytomel order.

Over time, the training program can be upgraded by replacing the individual exercise lifts the legs in the supine position, “velosipedikom” (imaginary pedal rotation lying in front of him), etc. To complicate the program can perform jumps in place after each approach (10-15).